Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A surprise!

Igår så fick jag en avi med posten och jag blev genast nyfiken! Jag blev så rörd och så glad över omtanken som paketet innebar. Terri som har bloggen Wind lost hade skickat en krya på dig hälsning och en inredningstidning från Kanada där hon bor. Stort tack för omtanken!! Roligt att läsa en annan inredningstidning än de vi har här också! Tack än en gång! Hoppas att ni alla njuter av sommaren fortfarande!

Yesterday I got an avis in the mail and ofcourse I was very curious about what it could be! I was really moved and also very happy to recieve it and how thoughtful and caring of Terri (with the blog Wind lost) who sent it! She sent me a get well card and a interior design magazine from Canada where she lives. A warm thankyou to you Terri! How fun to read another interior design magazine from far abroad! Thankyou once again! I hope that you are all still enjoying summer!

♥ Susanne

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Windlost said...

Hey Susanne, glad you liked your little gift - I wanted to send some cute little thing but did not get to any good shops downtown! I should have sent another magazine but it is SOOO expensive to ship from Canada, i could not believe. But I was happy with how fast it arrived.

Good luck with the move! Send your new address when you have it!